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Creative artist whose enthusiasm touches different artistic fields including music, writing and painting.

Anything that creates, music, books, art, as well as being part of his personal research and spiritual growth, are gifts, codes, messages that want to share with those who want to receive them.

Through his own heart and his own emotion, everyone will find the intimate and personal meaning ...

"Painting for me  is a way of active meditation ... a ritual in which, through silence or special music, I try to turn off the rational mind and enter into connection with my spirit. I let myself  be guided by instinct and lines, shapes, colors and symbols, come to life on the canvas ... "

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1994  Exhibition “Stroh zu Gold” at Forum fur Schmuck und Design - Koln - Germany 

1995 Exhibition “Ornaments for Body and Mind” -  Cervo (IM) Italy

1995 Exhibition at Galleria Teodote - Pavia - Italy

1996 Aprile - Exhibition of Jewels, Designs and watercolor paintings at  Castello di Cervo (IM) Italy

1996 Agosto - Exhibition at Galleria Zoltan Locarno (Switzerland)

1997 26 luglio-4 Agosto COLLETTIVARIO Cosmic and Multiethnic Art - by Simona Cerri Alkemystar, Margherita Lacqua e Simona Tassone - S.Bartolomeo (IM) Italy

2004 /2010 Digital Paintings - digital art collection

2016 - W.A.B. Woman Art Bra - Exhibition at Biennale di Arte al Femminile di Bra (CN) Italy

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