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My paintings are most probably seen as eclectic in style and subject matter, episodic even. This is mainly due to my interest in the potential beauty and poetry in all subjects and situations no matter how mundane or prosaic they may appear in our hectic daily lives, which are now bombarded with innumerable images of stunning sunsets, cute pets and beautiful, happy people - sometimes all within the same painting or photograph.

However, the apparent normality of the subjects in, for example, my 'Suspended Life' series, such as the coffee frothing up in my caffettiera, a crisp green apple, or other paintings such as those of a washing line, or myself fly fishing are often invaded by some incongruity or other, whether in the form a totally abstract background over which the apple appears to be floating, or a flying saucer disturbing the domestic bliss of the tea towels gently flapping in the summer breeze. This interference with the predictable rhythm of our relatively comfortable first-world lives is something I have always dreamed of - or dreamed up - in moments of mild frustration with my own gentle and safe living; UFOs over the peaceful housing estate and pterodactyls gliding around the river bend towards me help break the boredom of wash day as a kid or a bad day's fishing today. One might say I have a practical imagination

My influences are as varied as my paintings, and too numerous to list, but as has been recognised by a good many admirers of my oil painting 'L'Avenue du Soleil,' a considerable Hopper mood and light is present where the waiter stands at the restaurant window, eyes closed and seemingly somewhere else, as he takes a moment's break to bathe his face in an unusually bright sun on a freezing February day. The poetic seems so often to be exactly there, in the mundane, something I find fascinating and no doubt have been deeply influenced by Edward Hopper and most certainly the poetry of Philip Larkin his everyday places and people so subtly painted with his words. 

Water is also a common feature in my paintings. The fracturing and magnifying effects of a raindrop have charmed me for as long as I can remember. The close-up study of those effects and the dispersion of colour and distortion of the objects and surroundings observed through window of the droplet produces a strong and at times an emotional sense of wonder. I enjoy paying homage to that spectacle. 

I produce an average of 4-6 works per month, so I do hope you will call in regularly as my gallery will be kept constantly updated. 


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Life and light, and the love of all they have to offer. I rarely come out of my studio/cave, but have, in moments of phenomenal courage and sheer madness, displayed my works in Palermo and Enna  Galleries, here in Sicily, my beloved adopted home of 25+ years.

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