Writing and painting have always been sources and tools of pure joy and freedom for me. The sign, its expressive and creative power have always intrigued and fascinated me. In developing the sign, the signifier and its multiple possible meanings, I became passionate about our beautiful language, and I became a journalist, a writer, a cartoonist, a painter. 

If I had to give an indication of my painting, I could perhaps define it as an "evasionist": art is a journey of the soul outside the walls of our rational mind, it allows it to cross the darkness and expand into the light, to immerse yourself in the depths of itself, to then soar and free itself in the Soul of the World. 

The Greek poet Nikos Kazantzakis wrote: "You have the brush, you have the colours, you paint Heaven and then enter it". To those who look at my paintings, I would just like to suggest: drop everything, even if only for a moment, take a deep breath ... and travel with me. 


Dario Fo - painter, set designer, actor, director, writer, playwriter

Augusto Callegari - painter, engraver, graphic designer and chalcographer

Francesco Vaglica - painter and master of art

Sergio Tamassia - painter, graphic artist and master of art

Franco Crocco - painter, engraver, master of art

Marco Camilletti - painter and master of art

Marcella Clarici - painter and master of art

Paola Lattanzi - painter and master of art

Eleonora Albanese - painter, sculptor and graphic designer

Alessandro Piccinini - painter and graphic designer

Gianfranco Pirrone - painter and sculptor


1994-97 - School of Figurative Arts of the DLF Association - Culture Sector of via Bari 20 - Rome. Life drawing in pencil and figurative oil painting. Teacher: Marcella Clarici

1995-96 - VIRIDIAN Art Studio by Francesco Vaglica - Life drawing in pencil and school of art nudes - Rome 

1997-2000 - Studio LA BOTTEGA di Augusto Callegaris - Oil and acrylic painting, life drawing with the techniques of pencil, chalks, charcoal, sanguine and India ink, realization of monotypes in tempera with the torchio technique (printing press) - Rome 

2000-2006 - Artist's Studio Arte Progetto Idea by Paola Lattanzi - Rome: oil and watercolor painting, school of art nudes , impromptu and landscape painting en pleinair 

2007 - School of Applied Arts PANDORA - Sorano (GR). Painting Techniques Course. Life drawing in pencil and charcoal, landscape painting en plenair in oil - Teacher: Sergio Tamassia 

2008 - LIGNARIUS Art Center - Course of trompe l'oeil, fake marble and acrylic painting decoration - Rome 

2010 - Dario Fo's art and writing studio - Sala (FC) and Loc. S. Cristina (PG) - pencil and marker drawing, painting and illustration in acrylic 

2017-2020 - "Ettore Rolli" School of Art and Crafts of Rome Capital - Rome. Life drawing in pencil, charcoal, chalk, sanguine and figurative painting in acrylic and in oil - Teachers: Franco Crocco - Marco Camilletti.