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Fabio Saolini was born in Rome in 1959 into a family of artists. The mother Mirella attended for nine years the Conservatory studying piano, his father Rolando is a valued baritone and his paternal grandfather a skilled luthier. At an early age Fabio shows particular interest in the world of art in general, but his attention is mainly turned to the painting. He is still a child when his family and his friends request him small paintings that he realizes with mastery of tools and artistic sense, obtaining a lot of positive feedback. During his high school years and later, in the military service, the young Fabio begins to be fascinated by the emerging multimedia world and computer graphics, turning this sector, for over thirty years, into his profession. His versatile personality leads him to become creative director in large media Companies merging his skills in figurative art, from portraits to landscapes, and art copies made with different techniques. The preference for bright colours and the precision of the lines gives his paintings a life and a light of its own.

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Creative Director, 2D & 3D Artist, Event Director, Slide Manager, Senior Web Designer, Senior Web Developer, Software Developer, App Developer, Digital Painter

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