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Fabiana Toffano was born in Venice in 1961 where she lives and works. Self-taught artist, fascinated by the world of color and art, since she was a child she has dedicated herself to painting and experimenting with various techniques that lead her to refine her art, meeting consents and approvals. Her urgent and constant need for innovation led her to meet Donatella Besa, Venetian artist and illustrator, with whom she shared a path of study of the watercolor technique, leading her to discover a new way of approaching color through light. .

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Fabiana Toffano is present on the edition n. 38 of the publication "Contemporary Art and Artists" with eight of his works.

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* First classified at the PABLO PICASSO AWARD together with the DIPLOMA HONORIS CAUSA DI MAESTRO D'ARTE, plus First place for Author's Photo, AUTHOR PROFILE with the personal photo, the biography and the inclusion of 12 works of art in the HONOR REGISTER OF ITALIAN ARTISTS IN THE WORLD IN THE ARCHIVE ENCYCLOPEDY in the Historical Archive of the Maison d'Art Academic Center of Padua, Video Art of 12 works with review by art critic dr. Carla d’Aquino.

Certificate of participation in the Dantebus 2020 competition

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