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Gio Adriana is a Brazilian artist currently based in Bologna, Italy. A color lover inspired by the Feminine, nature and travels, using several techniques to create colorful and organic images, surrounded by references in the nature world.

Passionate about shapes and colors since she was a teenager, started drawing at age 16. She attended an Institute of Graphic Arts in São Paulo, but also did a degree in finance. She has experienced opposite experiences in different universes, working in a large financial institution, but also producing art and accumulating creative experiences in contemporary dance, things that have contributed to the development of her creative process.

Over the past four years, since she has decided to devoted herself exclusively to art, she has had a strong artistic development process through courses, travels, learning with recognized masters and production with other artists. This research has brought her to Italy, where she is fully devoted to the development of her creative process, studying, improving techniques and producing.

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In 2017-18, she has participated in the Art Basel Week through the contemporary art show promoted by the collective "The ArtBox Projects", in the Euroairport-Basilea, Switzerland, has produced the series "Ipês" showed in Brazil and has participated in two other contemporary art shows: "Rizoma" in Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil and "The Global Post Art Show: Women Art Scientists in the Avant Garde Now" in Vermont, EUA.

In 2017-18, she has also participated in Italy:

Collective Exhibition "Animus et Anima" at the Ipogeo Casa Cava gallery in Matera;

Collective Exhibition "International Art Expo" at the Flyer Art gallery in Rome;

Collective Exhibition "Arte tra Mistero e Magia" promoted by Galeria L'Alluno, in occasion of the closing of biennale di Venezia, in Campo San Leonardo - Venezia;

Collective exhibition at Spazio 4/2A (Spazio Zampieri) in Bologna;

"Small is Better", small formats exhibition , at Arnaout Spazio Arte in Milan;

Collettiva Internazionale “Arte a Palazzo” - in Farini Gallery, Palazzo Fantuzzi - Bologna;

Collettiva d'arte contemporanea “Anatomia della Bellezza” in Ipogeo Casa Cava Gallery in  Matera.

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