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Hi, I'm Morgana, born in Catania in 1996. Since I was a little girl I was passionate about art, I still remember when I spent whole days coloring or drawing. Precisely for this reason I began my artistic studies, I approached painting at the age of 15 and since then I have never abandoned it. After my artistic maturity, I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in my city, and I received my Bachelor's degree in painting with honors. Now I fully dedicate myself to my artistic activity, I have sold my works in different countries, such as Italy, England, the Netherlands; for me art has always been a salvation, a path of purification, a way to look inside myself and express all the strong emotions I feel. Through my art, I give matter to my thoughts, my feelings, my life! Art doesn't lie, it puts in front of you even what you don't want to see, that's why I believe it's like "a revealing mirror". In particular I can fully express my love for art with abstraction and the almost omnipresent use of red. Red is an intense colour, it reflects life, love, passion, suffering and death.

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