How to add videos on PitturiAmo

Adding your video PitturiAmo is easy and prompt. Follow this brief guide and in a few minutes you'll be able to see your video online on the pages of PitturiAmo.

How to add a video on PitturiAmo

To add your video on PitturiAmo is necessary to go to your personal area from top-right edge, on home page and on the main site's pages, by entering your password.

Follow these steps:

  1. On personal area, on the left column, click on the link "add video"
  2. On the next page add a title, a description (abstract) and the share code generated by YouTube;
  3. Click on Send.

Your video will be posted on the principal page of your profile.

How to get the share code of YouTube

In order to add your video on PitturiAmo, first it has to be uploaded on YouTube. If you don't know how follow these simple instructions provided by YouTube.

Once you've uploaded the video on YouTube you should extract the share code. Do it this way:


  1. click on the link "share" you see right below your video;
  2. Share on YouTube

  3. Click on the link "embed code";
  4. Leave the video size to 640 x 360 and copy the code;
  5. Embed code on YouTube

  6. Turn to your page on PitturiAmo and paste the code in the right field;
  7. Paste code on PitturiAmo

  8. Fill in the rest of the fields with title and a description that better fits your video and click on "Save";
  9. Your video will be added on the principal profile page.
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