Il segreto - the secret

by Carri Emiliano

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Exclusive and unique work realized on 3D canvas, using various techniques, among which "DPC" and "three-dimensional effect", completely painted also on the 4 sides, (each 4 centimeters high), following the central base body, once hung on the wall you will find this work really beautiful, and design, making the most of your wall and your exhibition space.

Work made with acrylic colors and worked in depth and in several sessions, using the various techniques, to give greater depth and prominence to the color cells, some of them were made using the 3D technique, three-dimensional effect capturing other colors inside and nuances, as you can see from the details photos.

The painting has been certified by the International Archives of Contemporary Arts.

GIGARTE Certificate of Authenticity

GIGARTE property certificate

certificate of the International Archives of Contemporary Arts.

Filed on the artist's unique register

Work from the artist's studio.

Unique copy, signed by the artist

Work protected with final protection paint.

The painting is in 3D (also painted on 4 sides of 4 cm each)

Along with this work will be sent all the certificates to attest, retain and increase, the value over time.

All the works by Emiliano Carri are unique, certified and archived at the International Archives of Contemporary Arts.

Treat yourself or invest on the exclusivity of a unique work and a well-established and ever-growing artist.

Accurate shipping and packaging, to ensure maximum safety and protection during transport.

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Carri Emiliano sells paintings online

Carri Emiliano

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