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One of the images that echoed in me when I made this painting was that of the moon reflected on the sea in front of my home in Milazzo.

How many evenings and how many nights, as a child, I spent in the summer looking at the sea and the sky, trying to catch the reflection of the moon in the water with my eyes, letting myself be enchanted by its play of light in the dark.

Then the time always came, at the end of the summer, to go back up to Milan, because then the school would start again.
Leaving that place, that house that my grandfather built when it could still be done like this, ten meters from the beach, was always a torment. But the image of the moon in the sea, that I carried with me, together with the smell of eucalyptus trees, and they often kept me company during the cold Milanese nights.

Recently something has unlocked, and it has come back to flow. Sensations and images that I had forgotten have begun to emerge again. Among these, the image of the moon in the sea, and the magic that brings a night like this.

Here, during a stay in my home of the heart, I decide to try to put those feelings on canvas. Here, the next night, the moon appears, it is a magical night. I bathe in the sea and the luminescent plankton lights up the water around me when I move. Here, this painting reminds me who I am, and reminds us where we come from.

And in you, what does it arouse?

If you want to have a print, a beautiful one that you can frame and hang or have with you in any place you feel there is a need, you can contact me at [email protected]

A breath of light
with the scent of eucalyptus and sea air



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