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MARS - is part of a project called "AUTORITRATTO", an installation consisting of 11 canvases, executed in oil on canvas with a size of 40 40 cm. It represents my journey of Love in this life. Earth, Water, Air and Fire, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, these are Their names. I choose to be Earth to contain the storm water. I choose to be Water to fertilize the arid land. I choose to be Aria to make the flame of Love burn. I choose to be Fire to burn a bolt in the ecstasy of Color. I am the mutable, silent, taciturn Moon who knows how to stay in the shadow and in the light. I am a fragile Venus, surrendered to her own diversity. I am Mercury rolling his eyes to find direction. I am the Sun that shines in the heart that contains me. I am that Mars that I do not want to be, mocking and lonely. I am Jupiter looking into the abyss and expanding to bring light. Saturn, I am, silently waiting for the last door to open.

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