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Maternity seen from my imagination, not having previously worked with the figure or studied figures from life for many years ,I explored moving the figures around within a given space, During this period (only a few weeks after my Mothers death) I would rush to my studio as soon as I could free myself from the chores and duties of family life and 'get into a painting' often using old canvases to paint over .This one has a lot of texture it was worked primarily with a spatula.

The painting has a small defect in the upper right corner,it has a couple of creases in the canvas.

This painting does not require framing as it has a lateral coveing in wood of 3cm around the edges.

The painting has been published in The online edition of "The Sigh Press" Winter 2015 Issue 7

I personally pack with polystyrene, bubble wrap and cardboard for shipping and provide a certificate of authenticity.

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  1. Mario Salvo
    Mar 24, 2018, 8:45:43 PM

    Prosegue la fantastica produzione di un'artista a dir poco fenomenale che riesce a donare la quiete interiore pur osservando opere i cui temi sono imprescindibilmente legati a importantissime sfere intime di spessore lirico e morale. Meravigliosa postura gestita cromaticamente in modo esemplare. Eccezionale.
    Mario Salvo

Rosalind Andrea Keith sells paintings online

Rosalind Andrea Keith

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  1. Lamby
    Dec 23, 2017, 11:02:21 AM

    Bel quadro ,dolce immagine dove si legge la calda protezione materna,caldi i colori dolce la luce come calda e dolce è una madre,una icona fuori dal tempo,un archetipo a noi tutti caro ,complimenti.

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