painting 04 At first an explosion ... dust and particles organized themselves to form stars and planets.

by Renzo Biolchi

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At first an explosion ... dust and particles organized themselves to form stars and planets.

It starts with an explosion, it evolves at speed unimaginable, energy is formed, they are formedparticles, collide, aggregate, more bodies big attract the little ones, they all revolve on themselves, the forces produced and present everywhere select the most suitable bodies for the continuation of evolution, all bodies dimensions, especially hot and unstable, furnaces that explode, implode, create and they destroy, they always rotate on themselves and yes they screw around the bodies closer and more massive, are swallowed by a huge hole black after a long walk on the whirlwind carousel of death.

I try to represent the basic idea that permeates my thought: "The universe appears to be made up of a multitude of subjects, entities and elements, but all, slowly, and inexorably, are converging towards the ONE , an ABSOLUTE from which everything is derived and towards which everything is converging. It is a concept that I explained in detail in my book entitled: : "l'universo e' una sola anima",available only in the Italian language(at the moment).

The framework is made up of four 0.16 inch MDF panels with a size of 28.75 inch x 28.75 inch, fixed to an underlying wooden structure with velcro strips. The structure is foldable (folded has a size of 28.75 inch x 57.49 inch) to facilitate transport.

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Renzo Biolchi

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