painting 10 The desire to be admired is a driving force towards perfection.

by Renzo Biolchi

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The desire to be admired is a driving force towards perfection.

In order to live, every person must be recognized as significant, so they tend to build an attractive self-image. The possibilities of making oneself attractive are endless, from an early age everyone looks for a way to draw attention to himself, by hook or by crook; competition in games with teammates is a good opportunity to stand out and be admired. Leadership at all costs determines continuous confrontation, clash, choice of alternatives, greater physical and intellectual commitment. A continuous tension that determines selection, evolution; as always, the fittest prevail.

I try to represent the basic idea that permeates my thought: "The universe appears to be made up of a multitude of subjects, entities and elements, but all, slowly, and inexorably, are converging towards the ONE , an ABSOLUTE from which everything is derived and towards which everything is converging. It is a concept that I explained in detail in my book entitled: : "l'universo e' una sola anima",available only in the Italian language(at the moment).

The framework is made up of four 0.16 inch MDF panels with a size of 28.75 inch x 28.75 inch, fixed to an underlying wooden structure with velcro strips. The structure is foldable (folded has a size of 28.75 inch x 57.49 inch) to facilitate transport.

CLICK HERE to see the support on which the 4 panels are fixed.

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