painting 24 Contrasts serve to evolution ... unfortunately they are often violent.

by Renzo Biolchi

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Contrasts serve to evolution ... unfortunately they are often violent.

The contrasts between human beings are innumerable, between the neighbor, the country and the neighboring nation, the different religions; there is the need to dominate, the need to impose an idea and the consequences are always the same: wars, massacres, torture, killings, devastation. The environment in which we live is always hostile…. earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods, famines, volcanic explosions, meteorites, then diseases, viruses, bacteria, plagues, defects in the genetic heritage, trauma from accidents, mental illnesses ... more than one hundred thousand diseases of different types.

I try to represent the basic idea that permeates my thought: "The universe appears to be made up of a multitude of subjects, entities and elements, but all, slowly, and inexorably, are converging towards the ONE , an ABSOLUTE from which everything is derived and towards which everything is converging. It is a concept that I explained in detail in my book entitled: : "l'universo e' una sola anima",available only in the Italian language(at the moment).

The framework is made up of four 0.16 inch MDF panels with a size of 28.75 inch x 28.75 inch, fixed to an underlying wooden structure with velcro strips. The structure is foldable (folded has a size of 28.75 inch x 57.49 inch) to facilitate transport.

CLICK HERE to see the support on which the 4 panels are fixed.

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