painting 30 Individuality is apparent, being is unique.

by Renzo Biolchi

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Individuality is apparent, being is unique.

Our individuality different and separate from others is an illusion, the soul is one, universal. The apparent diversity is mainly due to the fact that, by comparing ourselves, we detect differences, first on the physical plane, then in the contents of thoughts. The origin of all things comes from the ONE and one remains, the differences are due to the project of rebuilding unity. People who believe it is impossible to lose their identity must change their minds when they experience experiences of great love in their life, willing to get lost in the object of their love, merging to the point of becoming one thing.

I try to represent the basic idea that permeates my thought: "The universe appears to be made up of a multitude of subjects, entities and elements, but all, slowly, and inexorably, are converging towards the ONE , an ABSOLUTE from which everything is derived and towards which everything is converging. It is a concept that I explained in detail in my book entitled: : "l'universo e' una sola anima",available only in the Italian language(at the moment).

The framework is made up of four 0.16 inch MDF panels with a size of 28.75 inch x 28.75 inch, fixed to an underlying wooden structure with velcro strips. The structure is foldable (folded has a size of 28.75 inch x 57.49 inch) to facilitate transport.

CLICK HERE to see the support on which the 4 panels are fixed.

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