The Sciaman Way

by Alessandro Tognin

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It is a painting painted with high quality acrylic colors and made on cotton canvas.

The painting " The Shaman Way" aims to depict the shamanic journey and that is the kind of meditation that is done with a shaman.

This meditation is a journey of self-discovery.

Of his own fears but also of his own desires.

But above all, it is a journey of the hero through the worlds, through the archetypes inherent in the collective unconscious.

Archetypes that the shaman is able to bring to light thanks to his powerful introspective abilities to the power he possesses to connect with the spirit guides sometimes represented by animals.

Animals that represent and possess certain characteristics well that, if associated with the human psyche of the traveler, can help him overcome his fears and live a life full of awareness and joy.

The soul of the traveler, during meditation, connects to that of the shaman to ensure that everything that takes place does so naturally and safely.

The framework is provided with a guarantee certificate.

The Author Alessandro Tognin guarantees the authorship of the work.

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