Restless souls

by Rbl - Renzbull

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Restless souls wander aimlessly in the sky atoning for damnations inflicted on them for various reasons.

They were believed to be souls, predominantly, of people who had contempt for life, who died prematurely, or in a violent manner, or by suicide, and who were supposed to remain, in some way active, for the period of life to which they were due, or wanted.

Restless souls (a Poem written by Morris)

We are the shadows

dancing with the dark

confined to the margins of light

We are the voices that inhabit

the skeletons of immense voids

enclosed by grey walls

We are like the nothingness

the nothing that exists

and that screams in a space made empty

We are drops of water

that fall separated by a thin thread

of now non-existent logic

We are dust that rises

higher than the starry cosmos

We are an echo screaming

its own voice until

to break the wall of hypocrisy

and destroy that light

that makes us shadows.

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