Imaicab, baciami.

di Alessandro Andreuccetti

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The title of my painting is a kind of joke, born from the fact that the two faces are placed one on the contrary of the other. So a face says "kiss me" the other, on the contrary, says "emssik"

I created this work after watching a scene in a movie, I forget which one, in which the protagonists are kissing lying on the beach.

Somone says about this painting:

I simply adore the abstract flow of the image, and your control over the colours is impeccable. You really used the unique properties of the paint to your advantage, giving the piece texture and a dream-like atmosphere. I especially like the added dots, which really lift the picture and give it just that bit more detail. The contrast between the blue sea and warmth of the bodies also provides balance to your painting, and our eyes are nicely led towards the closed eye of the right person because of how it sits on the cross-section of the rule of thirds line.

(Amy Dolphin)

This painting sucks me in so much that I cannot simply describe it. I love it. The pain and lost emotions being displayed is giving me painful memories that I love to sit back and think about. It reminds me of a heartbreak with someone you couldn't be with. The colors absorbs me so far in I could just get lost in it. I love it. Any piece that does this effect to me is simply talented. Great job (TamaniyahStudios)

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  1. Annalisa Faglioni
    7 mar 2017, 11:45:43


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