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We aim to preserve and promote Sardinian traditions and the value of craftsmanship, integrating ancient symbols and archaic traditions within modern pieces through the work of creative minds who are particularly sensitive to the extraordinary cultural wealth that Sardinia holds.

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You can find below a selected collection of events created by artists and creatives in our community and currently exposing on our premises. We aim to merge thousand-year-old Sardinian traditions with new artistic craftsmanship techniques. Every product takes you on a journey, on an endless exploration of materials, shapes, textures and techniques that our craftsmen’s skilled hands shape to make your experience simply unforgettable.

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Concorso :: Nuovi Menhir Magici del Sinis
Read in EnglishRivolto a tutti gli scultori, offriamo la possibilità di definire e interpretare cosa sono stati e...
Call for Artists :: New Magic Sinis' Menhir
Leggi in ItalianoAimed at all sculptors, we offer the opportunity to define and interpret what the Menhirs have...