L'Ebbrezza (The Thrill)

by Gli Ominidi Ancillotti

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Gli OminiDi Ancillotti (oil on canvas) is an artistic reprentation of abstract and difficult concepts: emotions and feelings through characteristics stylized hominids 

It is worth specifying that, once you buy one of my creations, you will become the owner of a unique work, signed and numbered in a pogressive and chronological order, based on the creation date. Each work is signed, dated and accompanied by its authenticity certificate, valid for legal porpouses. There are no copies.

If I personally would like to see one of my works again, I should keep in touch with the new owner and being invited to see it again: this principle is one of the most important must of my artistic spirit and it strongly contributes to make me proud of each single creation of mine.

Gli OminiDi Ancillotti is an occasion, a simple opportunity, to communicate something deeper, something difficult, that I often was not able to explain with acts or worlds.

I strongly believe that the value of my OminiDi is in communication and in the possibility of finding ourselves in the represented concepts and emotions in each works.

Each work is inseparable from its title which is its description, inspiration and its core.

  I pack each single work with lots of love and care and I protect and prevent each work from every risks. I take care of its shipment, I track it, and I always will be in contact with its buyer. I like to receive information that the work is finally and safely arrived to destination and I am used to ask for a picture of my work in its new “home”. I even would like to receive your confirmation that what you bought is exactly what you expected. 

 Once you buy one of my creation, you will receive all the needed technical data to understand if that work is exactly what you desire but I fully agree that you can better understand if your purchase really is the one for you only once you have it in your hands. For this reason, should you not be satisfied and the work you received is undamaged, I will be open to take it back and transfer you the money back (exception made of its shipping costs), within 20 days after your purchase.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. Should you need any further information, please write me and I will be more than happy to reply you within the shortest time possible.


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +39 0934 59 72 11(PitturiAmo)

You can buy this work stright away: payments by Paypal or Credit Card on PayPal network

Estimated delivery time: 10 days (in Italy only)

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    Gli Ominidi Ancillotti  sells paintings online

    Gli Ominidi Ancillotti

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