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Despite being in black and white it is a painting that is characterized by the luminous grain of the canvas, the collected position of the model and above all its direct and interlocutory gaze.

Everything implies an intimate and profound dialogue, she looks at you and waits for a response, a gesture, a thought and makes you feel that she is there, present at every moment. 

Every part of this painting, from the preparation of the canvas to the color made with pigment and walnut oil, including the frame, was made by me. Entirely painted with a brush, as always, to create this chiaroscuro which is at the same time soft and powerful. 

The painting has a certificate of authenticity and is available for sale with frame. Live viewing is possible but travel expenses will not be at my expense. 

If really interested I can consider and eventually accept purchase proposals, refrain from wasting time. 

By law, I accept the return within 14 days, but the packaging and shipping costs, as always, will be at your expense and the painting must be in the exact storage conditions with which it was sent by me. 

See also my fake auteur and original paintings. 

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