The Ghosts of the Sea ( 38 x 76 cm )

by Igor Pozdnyakov

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Oil Painting - Ghosts of the Sea. 2012 Original oil painting on canvas board 15" x 30"  (38 x 76 cm). 

Can be picked up directly in Milan Milano

Some subjects stay in you mind all your life. I painted the first version of this in 1992, when I was 22, on a piece of plywood. In 2012 I painted it again, on a large canvas board, trying to preserve the original feeling. The feeling of unrest that human violent affairs leave out there on the sea. The humans and their ships are gone, but the unrest stays, and sometimes it explodes violently. That must be a goldmine for a shrink :-)

Igor Pozdnyakov

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    Igor Pozdnyakov

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