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Harmony is a painting that I made for myself. In making it, I asked for Harmony and Direction and what emerged is a balance between being rooted - being grounded on the earth, in this dimension full of density and joys like chocolate ice cream, the fresh spring air and the beautiful sunsets, - and the upward momentum, the connection with the subtle world, with the Invisible, which is always present in and around us. And then there is the playfulness, remembering to play, not to take yourself too seriously, and it is the playfulness that led me to add the heart in the bottom of the pinting, because the heart was already there, everywhere, in the brush strokes, in the stars, in the layers of color, but why not add it also drawn?

If you also want your own personalized painting, or want to make a special gift to someone, you can contact me here, at the email [email protected] or on facebook at the Alcyone arte page

A breath of light


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