Alcione (dream)

by Miriam (alcyone Arte)

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About a year ago I had a very special dream.

I was on an island, and there I met a young elk / deer (in Italian “Alce”) whose horns were constantly falling off, like a headband that didn't fit him well.

We were near a mountain on one side, and a ravine on the other. At one point, its horns plunged down the ravine.
At the same instant, we heard a cry of pain, a terrible moan of anger and despair coming from somewhere not far from us.

It was the father of the young deer-elk, who had sensed what had happened.

With reverential awe, I approached the enormous creature, and we spoke without speaking, that is, without uttering words, but with a language of telepathy of the heart. I told him I could go and retrieve his son's horns. I understood that he had sensed that my intentions were sincere and I relaxed. He replied, this time speaking aloud: "Now I understand why they say you know how to connect with creatures."
After returning the horns to the young deer, the gigantic creature, with majestic antlers that adorned its head, motioned me to get on its back.

I had to leave the island, to go home, and he had decided to help me. We also tied a kind of wagon to him, in order to take some tourists who had to go home with us for a while, and we set out for the journey. We crossed beaches, steppes, meadows and valleys covered with snow, until all of a sudden, from under the blanket of snow up to the back of the deer-elk, two enormous, very powerful white wings emerged, and with these we took off, flying over other places, lakes, seas.

I felt immensely grateful for the gift that this creature had decided to give me, and I felt filled with sensations of grace, power, joy, freedom.
He left me on land so that I could continue my journey home from there.

It was a particularly intense, clear, clear dream, whose feelings and images of flight continued to echo in me until I brought them back to canvas, in this painting.
I decided to call it, jokingly, "Alcione" (literally “big elk”), and it was hung at the foot of my bed for a long time, until recently I decided to move it to the headboard.

In the evening, when the light of the sunset waters the bedroom, it is as if the magic of Alcione comes to life again, and even today when I look at it I relive those sensations on my skin.

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