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Nadzeya Naurotskaya

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A self-taught artist. She left a successful career of a psychotherapist, osteopath and homeopath and gradually focused exclusively on art. She first mastered painting and photography on her own, then it was working with glass, mosaics and sculpture. The works are increasingly dominated by mixed media art technique that shows the search for a way to reflect the world seen by the artist. Glass and cement are embedded in canvases, portal paintings and portal sculptures appear. The works seem to lead to other realities.

“I’m getting to understand more and more that the words invented by people are too poor to reflect sensory experience. Only through images, colors, lines and elusive invisible spirit can one convey their experience. I am completely disappointed in psychotherapy – it's like an artificial attempt to manipulate the deep. Art has a much deeper and more healing effect.”

Hidden worlds break through the artist's works into our visible life: through vibrating brushstrokes, trembling images, through stained glass, through mosaics left in parks and on paths that evoke the feeling of a “break” in reality.

Digital technologies make it possible to make the picturesque fluidity of paintings almost tangible, that’s why many works are also becoming NFT digital objects.

“I am obsessed with the desire to depict the worlds which surround me and which I see. Whenever I manage to transfer a parallel reality into this one, I feel deep satisfaction, as if I managed to create a bridge between that world and this one. This is the feeling of incredible pleasure.”

Exhibitions and catalogues

May 2022 - collective exhibition «Ukraine and Russia, the Art for Freedom» (Pisa, Italy)

February 2022 – virtual exhibition «Gubbio With Love», Associazione culturale La Medusa, Italia

October 12 - November 11 2021 - Intimists 9 «Wonderful world», La Fenice Art Gallery (Hong Kong)

August 2021 - virtual exhibition of Belarusian contemporary art «2020», online gallery of the European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania)

July 2020 - plein air and exhibition «Il balletto» (Nervi, Genoa, Italy)

October 2019 - plein air and exhibition «La bellezza del tempo 2» (Nervi, Genoa, Italy)

July 2019 - plein air and exhibition «NERVI. En PLEIN AIR» (Nervi, Genoa, Italy)

May 2019 - collective exhibition of botanical photography Fito-Photo 2019 (Botanical ointment of Pisa, Italy)

November 2018 - collective exhibition «Preziosità d'Italia» (Calcinaia (PI), Italy)


ARTNow - May-June, 2020

Artisticamente n° 3 - Rome, 2018


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Belarusian State University, Medical Psychology 2001

The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) 2017

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