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If every artistis considered to be representativeof this time , Roberto Guglielmino proves that he is an acute interpreter , on occasion expressing a keen wit about the times in which he has been called to live in . Expressed in his art , the components are summed up and then broken down into a tribute to the world of science . Aspects of the human mind are also shifted onto the canvas by means of a semiotic – tonal language that gives expression to the tensions of the great historical currents that revolutionised the world of art , and painting in particular , throughout the twentieth century . Painting for the piedmontese artist is therefore synonymous with dialogue ; a dialogue developed between both himself and contemporary society as a whole over several years , through which a deeper understanding of himself leads to trying to understand the compulsions , neuroses , longings , fears , aspirations , dreams and hopes that distinguish society today , more complex and detailed than ever before . Herein lies the essence of each one of Guglielmino's paintings . Havin chosen typically informal parameters to bring his vision to life , Guglielmino creates sublime moods and sensations , which would otherwise be difficult to achieve , through the use of chromatic colours . This is to be seen in its various forms in the intelligibility of works like " Psyche " , " Gold , Happyness ....Hell " , " Gravity " , " Psycological Labyrint " , " The Challeng ", " The Powe of Silence " and " Reaching the Soul ", which all have the ability to communicate , to stigmatize , to invent , to describe , to evoke memories and to interpret the components of entire human communities , which transcend any sort of stereotyping , from very personal , original and interesting angles . The imaginative mergence that results from this is like a kind of pure code of interpretive expression , where he is able to identify everything that gravitates within the perceptual and emotional range of his craft by means of an astute , reasoned and careful placing of colour . E m p i r i c i s m and p s y c o l o g y c o h a b i t in Roberto Guglielmino's art . He reworks imaginative re – interpretations of what exists in any given moment in the human sphere ; transforming into art visions of all that people of 21 century cannot perceive or are reluctant to see in different ways . Professor Enzo Nasillo , Critics , Journalist and Editor .
The art of Roberto Guglielmino is a mysterious as his life is . Roberto came from Turin to Milan to study medicine in order to understand better the life in all its form and to homage it increasing its quality . As psychiatrist Roberto tried to understand the relation between the conscious and subconsious , dazzling richness of the human psyche and to seek the way to light . But , for Roberto , the way to light could be opened only through art . It is an initiating way , a way full of meanders which brought him to Bucharest . The art of Roberto is mysterious , it escapes to any formula , because its art expresses the life itself . Italian art criticism has characterized his painting as allegorically metaphorical as far as his art tries to catch the eternity of a twinkle in a mortal life . Without any doubt , his style is an abstract one with its universal language , which asks the viewer to consider a new way of seeing , which should be based on fantasy and creativity . In his paintings , the act of creation is closely linked to the act of perception , because his paintings express the freedoms of living . His paintings reflect a living process , that's why his paintings ask a continues dialogue with the spectator , a very complex dialogue where the thinking , imagination and creativity mingle , playing hide- seek and find out the life in all its aspects . Chaos of colors , shades of red , orange , green , blue , spots , curved lines , broken lines , swirling lines . Playful colored lines that appear stealthily , interspersed with other straight or curved lines , moving with the speed of thought , networks drop of color dancing in the instant of eternity . But the associations of the ideas of the interpretations are not left at the whimof the viewer : Roberto takes care the viewer , helps him to discover the event portrayed , the feeling caught , which used the color to expresses his joy , or pain , or victory , or defeat . Because the paintings are the life itself, the instant in eternity of our soul , Roberto takes care to help the viewer by the titles of his paintings , very suggestive ones . Tania Nicolau ( HUMANIZATOR TV )
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