I completed a 2-year BTEC Art and Design course at Accrington College when I was 19 years old. Later, at age 21, I pursued a BA in Fine Art at Leeds University.

My work stems from a deep desire to understand the complexities of the human condition. Each of us carries within us a multitude of emotions and desires that must be restrained in order to function within society. I am interested in exploring the concept of inner demons - the parts of ourselves that we try to keep hidden but that can sometimes take control. Interestingly, we can find these demons both beautiful and sickly hideous. I invite the viewer to contemplate their own inner demons and to find a safe space in which to explore them.

 I all so ask the question, Why are we drawn to witness the darker parts of humanity. in modern times, we often stand by and film tragic events or seek out the darker aspects of life. You have to wonder why this is and what draws us to these experiences. Ultimately, I hopes that my work will inspire viewers to ask important questions about the world around them and to gain a deeper understanding of their own place within it.

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