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The focus of my work is on the complex nature of the human psyche and its emotional and psychological makeup. My particular interest lies in exploring the concept of inner demons - the hidden emotions and desires that can manifest themselves under certain circumstances. My work seeks to provide a safe and thought-provoking space for viewers to examine their own inner demons, which can manifest in both attractive and repelling ways.

 Moreover, I am intrigued by the reasons behind our attraction to the darker aspects of humanity. In contemporary times, people tend to observe and document tragic events or explore the darker aspects of life. This phenomenon raises the question of what motivates such behavior and what draws us to these experiences. Ultimately, my work aims to stimulate important dialogue and reflection on the world around us, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of our place within it.

 I am an artist and a survivor of personal challenges. Born in Accrington, UK on May 23, 1969, I spent my early years there before moving to Leeds to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts at the university. 

After completing my studies, I settled in Liverpool where I met and married a woman named Natalia M S Hurt who was the niece of the Great British actor John Vincent HurT (22/1/1940 to 25/1/2017). However, the marriage ended after three and a half years, and I embarked on a year-long journey around Europe and what was once called the Western Block. possibly as an attempt to escape my struggles, despite battling depression at the time.

Following my travels, I returned to Liverpool but found myself getting involved with a crime family, working alongside them for approximately 9 to 10 years. Eventually, I decided to leave that life behind and moved back to Accrington, where I currently reside.

In 2011, I experienced a traumatic event when I was attacked with an iron bar, resulting in a three-week coma. Upon awakening, I faced significant memory loss, struggling to recall basic information such as my name and location. This led to the development of agoraphobia (fear of open or public spaces) and melophobia (fear of music). These conditions continue to affect me to this day.

Despite my challenges, I have continued my passion for painting. Initially, I struggled to complete any artwork and focused mainly on commissioned pieces. However, with the encouragement of his oldest friend and brother, Terry Graham, I regained my motivation to pursue my artistic vision. I pushed myself to finish all unfinished works and have since dedicated myself to my art.

In my free time, I indulge in my interest in theoretical thinking, particularly in subjects like quantum physics and dimensional understanding. I also enjoy playing computer games, with Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro) being my favourite. It was through this game that I adopted the name "GrayHammer" and gained recognition within the gaming community. Additionally, it was in Lotro that I formed a close friendship with Marija Maja, who provided me with support and strength during difficult times, despite never meeting in person.

my life has been marked by personal struggles, but i hope iv shown resilience and determination in pursuing my art and finding solace in my hobbies and friendships.

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I completed a 2-year BTEC Art and Design course at Accrington College when I was 19 years old. Later, at age 21, I pursued a BA in Fine Art at Leeds University.

My work stems from a deep desire to understand the complexities of the human condition. Each of us carries within us a multitude of emotions and desires that must be restrained in order to function within society. I am interested in exploring the concept of inner demons - the parts of ourselves that we try to keep hidden but that can sometimes take control. Interestingly, we can find these demons both beautiful and sickly hideous. I invite the viewer to contemplate their own inner demons and to find a safe space in which to explore them.

 I all so ask the question, Why are we drawn to witness the darker parts of humanity. in modern times, we often stand by and film tragic events or seek out the darker aspects of life. You have to wonder why this is and what draws us to these experiences. Ultimately, I hopes that my work will inspire viewers to ask important questions about the world around them and to gain a deeper understanding of their own place within it.

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