Looking for the Divine

di David Higginson

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Throughout our lives, we are often instilled with the concept of a divine spirit or a sacred light, and encouraged to pray, with the promise of forgiveness and salvation. We dedicate ourselves to seeking out this transcendent presence, hoping for a glimpse of its illumination. However, the outcome of our quest can sometimes lead to a sense of emptiness, as we are met not with a radiant light, but with profound silence and lingering shadows. This profound uncertainty leaves us grappling with the ambiguity of whether a divine light awaits us beyond our earthly existence. Despite the waning of faith in this elusive light with each passing day, the allure of uncovering the truth persists as a fundamental aspiration. As we contemplate stepping into the realm of the unknown, the unraveling of this mystery remains a central focus, driving the exploration of what lies beyond our current understanding.

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  1. Luca Burchielli
    3 mar 2024, 10:41:09


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