Fight or flight

di David Higginson

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 The experience of anxiety can shatter one's sense of inner tranquility and stability. It may evoke a profound sensation of vulnerability and a perception of being on the verge of breaking apart, as fragile as delicate porcelain. The suffocating grip of fear can envelop the individual, leading to uncontrollable tremors and a sense of impending doom.

Likened to a sleeping demon awaiting an opportune moment, anxiety can provoke instinctual responses rooted in the primal "fight or flight" mechanism. In such moments, one must grapple with the decision to confront the lurking fears head-on or succumb to them. This critical juncture can determine whether the individual will stand firm in the face of adversity or succumb to the overwhelming pressure, risking a metaphorical fall from grace.

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  1. Andy Acuz
    11 mar 2024, 16:49:42


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