Fragmented fog

di David Higginson

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Trying to understand oneself can feel like sifting through a fog of memories and thoughts. It's like trying to piece together whether what you remember is real or just something you wish had happened. As you delve into your thoughts, you may question whether certain experiences were genuinely yours or simply creations of your imagination. It's like trying to grab hold of fog – just when you think you have a clear picture, it slips away, leaving you uncertain.

In this process, you might ponder the paths you didn't take and the decisions you made. You may wonder if you actually lived the life you remember or if it was only a dream. Relationships can also become blurred – was that person really a friend or did you wrong them in some way?

Sorting through these thoughts can feel challenging, like trying to grasp something intangible. Each reflection adds to the complexity of who you are, blurring the lines between what's real and what you hope for. Self-discovery involves navigating through a mix of memories and desires, each fragment providing a glimpse into your inner self.

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