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 REACH  THE SOUL It is such a grand title and so pertinent to what the artist wanted to cofer to his work , but through a deep chromatic disposition , that now represents his signature style , Roberto Guglielmino has managed to give material expression to a creative path that should not be ignored . First , because " Reaching the Soul " means trying to understand yourself , listening to your inner voice and pursuing a journey that most people are not willing to face . It is no coincidence that the colours in the painting { wich could be defined as " the starting colours " ) are arranged to the sides of the canvas . For example , the bright gold and dark blue move , converging in an osmotic process in which both colours appear to renounce their own special features and merge at the point of an " encounter " mirroring that which increasingly rarely happens when a person seeks to understand another by trying to reach their soul . Enzo Nasillo 

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