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Ettore D'offria

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Born in Verona. lives and works in the province of Trento.

Poet cursed, from early youth, having abused the use of the word, for the sake of experimenting to the brim of the abyss of madness, throws the pen one day and picks up a brush, giving a new impulse to creativity and finding a container more suitable for expressing the ghosts of the unconscious. 

Theatrical actor, gifted but technically mediocre singer, psychonaut, dancer and shamanist. 

Later he dedicated himself, at a late age, to starting a family and home. For many years he lived in the mystical hiding due to the connected space-time impediments. 

Now, in the time of maturity, he decides to conquer new times and spaces to continue on the never forgotten artistic path, he leaves the lethargic torpor of the cave that has protected him so far to show himself through his work, using, with gratitude, this dedicated space.

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Personal exhibition sponsored by the Province of Verona in the "Frà Giocondo" gallery in Piazza dei Signori in Verona. Year 1990.

Group exhibitions. 

1st year evening art school in Verona.

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