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Purchasing paintings on PitturiAmo® is easy, fast, safe and economical.

It's easy because you only need to browse this website to choose from several paintings of a remarkable workmanship. In here you can find oil paintings and acrylic ones, too, ink drawings, artist's imitation, etc... All certified artworks guaranteed by the artist who puts them on sale.

It's fast because very few clicks are enogh to choose the painting you're looking for according to the artist chosen, to the subject required or to the painting's size. Using the inner search engine you can find at once what you're looking for and send a request to the artist.

It's safe because the transaction takes place between you and the artist. PitturiAmo® does not interfere during the negotiation phase. You'll be free to choose who to buy from, how to pay and how to receive the artwork. PitturiAmo® just puts you in touch with the artist. Remember that for each artwork you buy online, by law you have the right to cancel the purchase within 10 days, without any specific statement. Of course the painting must be returned in the same conditions you received it in first place.

It's economical since, as said, PitturiAmo® does not interfere during the negotiation phase. This means that you don't have to pay any additional fee to the painting's value. You can reach an agreement with the artist to purchase what you like more for the price that better fits your needs.

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Look among the modern paintings online on sale on PitturiAmo, without any inerferences. Direct contact between the artist and the acquirer only.