About Us

PitturiAmo® is the first web portal entirely dedicated to the contemporary painters which offers a direct transaction with the artist, without any interference or any additional fee on the artworks. It just puts you in touch directly with the artist.

PitturiAmo®'s intention is to represent a newbrand opportunity for the artists willing to promote their own art without spending a lot of money (most of the services are free) and avoiding to enrich, behind their backs, other more or less quotated art dealers.

PitturiAmo® believes that the best type of art promotion is the one passing exclusively through one's own business. PitturiAmo® therefore promotes the selfpromotion and invites all artists to make the most of all existing online channels (usually for free or low cost) in order to affirm their own art.

Thanks to it's great location on Google PitturiAmo® can boast an excellent visibility which means excellent visibility for the artists who promote themselves on the site.

If you want to understand better what is PitturiAmo, which are the founding principles that are the basis of it's logic, why you need to pay for some services and why other services are for free, we suggest you to watch the video that follows.

Quadri d'autore in esposizione e vendita

Look among the modern paintings online on sale on PitturiAmo, without any inerferences. Direct contact between the artist and the acquirer only.

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