What is the Ranking of PitturiAmo

The Ranking of PitturiAmo is a scoring that goes from zero to 100, assigned to both artists and paintings, with different values though.

PitturiAmo promotes self-promotion and it is on this premise that it has established a ranking algorithm which varies depending on the artist's on site activity frequency. At the moment the artist signs up, he/she gets a score which may increase or decrease depending on how much the artist is active on the site, on the added information and on the ability to involve the other users of the site.

The artist's ranking depends also on the ranking of a single painting. So to increase the painter's ranking, it's helpful to increase even the ranking of his/her paintings in the meantime.

Higher is the ranking and greater is the exposure for both artist and artworks altoghether.

There are many different factors which lead to the ranking definition: how complete your profile is, the amount of the artworks you've added, the views, the "likes", etc.. Each one of them influences differently on the final ranking value.

Some parameters help increase the ranking only temporary. For example in case there are one or more paintings on Featured. the artists who exhibit their paintings on Featured achieve a higher ranking, both to their painter profile and each of their artworks. The ranking score will go back to the previous one once the painting exposure term on Featured finishes.

You'll find the ranking score of the painter beside the artist's name itself. While the ranking score of the artwork will be displayed only on the personal area.

Both artists and artworks are shown on all the sections of the website ordered by a decreasing ranking. Therefore on top will appear those artists and artworks having a higher ranking score. On all the website's sections.

Since PitturiAmo enjoys an excellent location on Google, having a good ranking it's the same as having an excellent location on Google which basically means visibility and therefore possible contacts and sales.

So to get the best exposure ever try increasing your ranking score. The ranking score gets updated typically every 24 hours, so if you get a certain number of views, add a painting or update your profile, you'll see your ranking score change within the next 24 hours.

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