“Citrus whispers”

by Alessandra

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Limited Edition


This artwork captures the essence of a unique and unpredictable love story, representing a strong bond and affection between a couple. Under the cherry blossom tree, orange slices rain down from the sky, symbolising unexpected moments of joy and sweetness that come their way. 

The falling blossoms surround their faces, signifying the beauty and fragility of their relationship. 

The presence of floating orange slices surrounding them, hint at the element of surprise and spontaneity in their love.

The artwork has a vibrant and dynamic style, with a blend of orangey hues.  

The whitish blossoms provide a contrast, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to the overall atmosphere.

This artwork can be classified as an abstract and symbolic piece, falling under the genre of contemporary expressionism. 

It combines elements of nature, love, and urban scenery to evoke emotions and intrigue the viewer. The unpredictable title adds an additional layer of mystery and invites interpretation.

The artwork is available in ‘museum quality’ print, canvas or frame in various sizes 

The edition is limited in each size print, canvas and frame

PlEASE NOTE: The price & size shown are approximate.

Please contact me with your enquiry for accuracy in size and price.

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