FAQ - Selling paintings online

Read the answers to the most frequent questions made by artists who want to sell paintings online.

  1. Is PitturiAmo registration free?
  2. Free sign up has an expiry date?
  3. How many paintings can I add?
  4. could I add other artworks too, like sculptures?
  5. could I add other personal data?
  6. How do I sell The paintings?
  7. How do I set the paintings' selling price?
  8. How do I get available to contact?
  9. What are the featured paintings?
  10. I've noticed some of the artists are marked by little stars symbol. How do I get them?
  11. How are the paintings' photos supposed to be taken?
  12. What kind of photos should I add? could I add any collage of more paintings together?
  13. why are we in certain cases asked to perform a payment while all services are free?
  14. Which are the payment systems provided?
  15. I've noticed my paintings have been seen many times yet I haven't received any contacts. How come?
  16. I've already got a profile on Facebook, do I need to sign up on PitturiAmo, too?
  17. What should I do after selling a painting?
  18. I tried adding a video and I can't display it. How come?
  19. I have no video to add. Can PitturiAmo make one?Non ho un video da inserire.
  20. Are there other ways to get more visibility on PitturiAmo?
  21. I'm not an artist but I have paintings of estimated artists to sell. Could I add them on PitturiAmo?
  22. Is that possible to have a personal website?

Is PitturiAmo registration free?

Yes, signing up is free and allows you to enjoy all the principal services provided by PitturiAmo. Some of them are chargeable but you can feel free to decide if and when purchasing them. If you like to sign up for free, you can do it now,from this page.

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Is there an expiry date for the free sign up?

No, the free sign up is forever and you'll never be asked for money on that.

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How many paintings can I add?

You can add all the paintings you like. In fact quite the contrary, the more you publish the gratest will be for you and for us as well. The more artworks you add the more visibility you get increasing the chances to be contacted for a painting's sale.

As one of the sources of revenue of this website is the sale of advertising spaces, more artworks you add more advertising spaces we provide. You are therefore encouraged to add all your artworks.

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Can I add other artworks too, like sculptures?

No, this website is devoted to the promotion of graphic artworks (paintings of all categories and kinds, drawings, sketches, illustrations, digital artworks, etc...). Is tolerated, though, adding other artworks for indicative purpouse only.

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Can I add other of my personal data?

Sure. You can insert your personal data as well as your artistic CV, your biography, possible criticism your art has received and extention videos. In short, your personal profile on PitturiAmo may well be deemed a little personal website, totally free of charge.

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How do I sell the paintings?

You don't have to do nothing online apart from answering to possible requests for information and details.

PitturiAmo does not interfere with the buying/selling negotiation at all. PitturiAmo's principal goal is to help promote professional contacts among the artist and the possible buyer and does not receive any benefits on the possible sale.

You should only verify if you recieve any contacts in your mailing box and conduct the negotiation of the painting's sale yourself. Will be your fully indipendent decision any topic relevant to the sale's price and the delivery mode.

Make sure that all the mail sent by info@pitturiamo.com doesn't end up in the spam box and wherever appropriate set up a filter

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How do I set the price of paintings' for sale?

We could not make a judgment on the issue. The artwork has the value you apportion to it and of which you would be willing to deprive yourself. After all, even the buyer is totally free to choose if buying or not an artwork and eventually negotiate on the price.

It's obvious that the major the price of the artwork, the greater would be the difficulty to sell it online. In fact, wherever you have to deal with particularly expensive artworks, we suggest you, if possible, to go for the establishment of a direct contact in order to take the chance to present the art piece live encouraging the sale.

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How do I get available to contact?

Unfortunately it's not enough signing up on PitturiAmo if not succedeed by an indipendent and personal constant promotional activity.

According to an old rule in marketing, one should exhibit the article for sale as frequently as possible to assure that the buyer decides to proceed to purchase.

That's why you see a lot of products advertised on TV, on paper, on web, on the radio, etc... In our case though we strongly recommend you to do your best to provide constant visibility to your artworks multiple times, over all the sections of the website. Here's an example to better explain this concept: Let's assume that the site gets about 1200-1300 visits per day from different users and that the average of the artworks seen by each user is 7-8 (the hereby data are real, updated and extracted on january 2015).

That means that the site exhibits approximately 9-10.000 paintings per day. All the rest of the paintings on PitturiAmo pratically get no visibility. We must therefore assure that our artworks are seen and not just once but several times in order to turn them famous to a possible buyer encouraging interest.

In order to achieve this kind of result, considering that the users employ the inner search engine and the surfing categories on the left sidebar, we should add our artworks on different categories applying variable sizes, prices and subjects.

It's important to fill in correctly the Data Sheet of the single artwork, entering therefore all the required data in addition to a detailed description.

Once you do that, you're able to publicize the added artworks on the main social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, etc...) and plug in links on other personal sites leading to your profile on PitturiAmo.

Whenever this wasn't enough, you could try to add some paintings on "Showcase Pay Service" which allows you to "drag upper" your paintings within PitturiAmo, on Google and even on all the rest of search engines. To add your paintings on Showcase Pay Service refer to the page.

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What are the featured Paintings?

Featured Paintings of PitturiAmo® is a that helps the artists to achieve greater visibility and therefore more possibilities of sales.

Therefore if you'd like to try and sell your paintings it might be of your interest aquire more visibility on the website highlighting your paintings on home page, on the main site's sections and among the first results appearing due to users' research within the site.

This way you're sure that your painting will be one of the seen items and not among the ignored ones. You might not be guaranteed that you'll close any sales nor that you'll get contacted but that's for sure that your painting will be seen.

The Featured paintings increase their Ranking and that's why they take precedence over not featured paintings when a research within the site starts.

For example, if you start a research from the site's search engines typing the key words like subject: "abstract", width: "up to 50cm", height: "up to 50 cm" the site will track a great amount of paintings that match to the research's features, however on the top list, that is the items having greater visibility, you'll find the paintings with a higher ranking. Of course this is just an example we made. There are much more of other methods able to provide more visibility for the paintings added on showcase.

All the artists who add their paintings on Featured obtain the stars too. 1 star for every painting added up to a maximum of 5. The rated artists are more visible than others since they get Featured and picked out to show up on specific pages.

All of that provides more visibility, which means greater possibility to be contacted and sales' probability increase. It's probabilities we are talking about, not certainties, as the paintings must first of all be enjoyed, photographed properly, have affordable costs, etc...

The paintings on Featured increase their Ranking and consequently, so does the total ranking of the artist. Careful though, because the painting's and the artist's ranking will go back almost to the initial value when the exposure period on Featured gets on term (60 days).

The paintings will stay on Featured for 60 days and may be renwed with discount before their expiry date.

We strongly recommend you to add your paintings on Featured wisely, which means analysing which inner research provides NOT Featured paintings and afterwards add paintings on Featured for that category.

For example, if in a specific category you find only few Featured paintings, add (if possible in your case) paintings on Featured exaclty for that one category. It's obvious that adding paintings on Featured for the categories having fewer, it gets easier to capture visibility. You can also combine price ranges and different sizes in order to find the most interesting categories where posting your Featured paintings.

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I've noticed that some artists are distinguished by little stars. How do I get them?

The"Painter with Stars" service is strictly connected to the "Pay Showcase" service. Adding your paintings on the pay Showcase service of PitturiAmo you simultaneously get the stars.

One star for each painting you add on Showcase up to a maximum of 5 stars.

Even if you add more than 5 paintings on Showcase you're assigned maximum 5 stars. When a painting moves out of Showcase, because the term of 60 days has finished, you lose automatically that painting's star. In case you'd like to maintain the amount of stars you've achieved, you should add other paintings on Showcase.

The stars give you more visibility since the Painters with Stars are gethered in specific areas of the website. They stand out more than all the rest of the artists when viewed by province, region or alphabetical order. In addition this fact tells more about the artist in question as the users perceive a meaningful cure regarding the investment on the proper image and art getting him/her much more credible and worth of consideration.

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How should the paintings' photos be taken?

Keep in mind: if the photo doesn't appear pleasent even the painting may result less enjoyable. Consider that the possible acquirer won't be able to see the artwork in person and has to be content with only one photo and few information. In case the photo is taken improperly, the users might find themselves with insufficient elements whenever they'll have to make a decision on purchasing the artwork or not. Since the website contains thousands of paintings on sale, it might be a chance that they'll go for other paintings excluding that one with the supposed unclear photo.

Is for this main reason that you should make sure to take photos which focus exclusively on the artwork, perfectly aligned with the camera's lens, displaying the real colors.

Even the price is very important just like the size is (often people buy a painting to fill up a specific bare spase on a specific wall), so remember to enter all the informatin clearly.

If any extreme case of photos taken totally wrong comes along, the PitturiAmo's staff will urge to remove them without warning.

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What type of photos should I add? May I add any collage of several paintings?.

You can add only photos depicting the single artwork, without foreign elements. You can't add photos depicting your studio, yourself working on one of your artworks or exhibiting your artworks in some art gallery. You can't add collage of several photos either.

Photos which don't honor the required terms will be removed without warning.

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Since all services are free then why sometimes a payment is required?

PitturiAmo offers virtually infinite no pay spaces to all artists who like to publicise themselves for free. It has a great visibility on search engines and conveys daily thousands of visitors searching for artworks to purchase.

Because of this, in a few years PitturiAmo has become a landmark to all artists willing to sell their own artworks and to all art lovers that look for original paintings to buy for favorable prices.

All this notoriety involves though some inconvenience. Every day it gets more difficult for the artists who publicise themselves to stand out and present thier paintings.

Consider the fact that on PitturiAmo thousands of users pass through every day (about 30% is made of the painters on the site themselves or regular users anyway, meanwhile the remaining 70% is made of new users who didn't knew the website formerly) who view about ten pages each. In other words, each day thousands of paintings are getting viewed even though there are other thousands of ones that don't get any visits.

For this reason PitturiAmo offers easy with fee formules to set on the Showcase the painting you'd like to sells. It's about an exclusive showcase where only few will be accepted and selected as paintings that'll capture greater visibility giving you the chance to be the first on Google when a user searches "buy paintings", "buy paintings online", "vendita quadri", "paintings sale online", "contemporary painters", etc.. (try it now, go on Google and start one of these research).

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Which are the payment systems provided?

You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

  • To pay via PayPal follow the steps listed on the pages where the payment is required by clicking on the Pay Now button. You'll get on one of the PayPal pages. Click on the link "Pay with your PayPal account" and follow the procedure;
  • To pay with Credit Card click on the Pay Now button and when you're asked to enter your PayPal credentials click on the link "Don't have a PayPal account?" and follow the procedure entering all te needed data;
  • To pay with Bank Transfer contact us e ti daremo le coordinate bancarie con le quali poter effettuare il pagamento.

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I've noticed my paintings have been viewed many times but I still haven't received any contacts though. How come?

The fact that your painting gets visits and is enjoyed by someone doesn't mean necessarily that'll include an information request.

In order to make that happen, a set of factors should occur such as for example:

  • The painting should be seen by a user who's avaiable to buy online;
  • the user must enjoy the painting;
  • the photo of the painting must be well taken in order to exite the user and encourage interest;
  • the painting's cost should be in line with the user's expectations ;
  • the user must be intrigued by YOUR OWN painting rather than someone else's one;
  • the user somehow must come through your painting or your paintings (in case they represent a similar style) several times (it's a marketing's rule, generally, that any product before sale must be "seen/heard" as many times as possible (on the radio, on TV, on newspapers, on posters or billboards, etc…))

Here's some hints to increase your contact probabilities:

  • Make sure that e-mails sent from info@pitturiamo.com don't get filtered as spam. Check the spam box and add to your contacts the mail address;
  • Take better photos of the paintings with no foreign elements on them such as the background wall, in which the subject doesn't appear out of focus or with flash strikes;
  • Make sure that the painting you'd like to sell isn't marked as “Private collection”, "Sold" or "Sold on PitturiAmo" but as "Available" instead, otherwise it's obvious that you're not getting any contacts;
  • Enter clearly the painting's price and make sure it's not off-market;
  • Try being as present as possible online and on the website, adding for free news regarding art which lead eventually to your profile, or a video better publicise your artworks. You can also share your artworks on the PitturiAmo group on Facebook and other art groups, too;
  • If possible, address to your own profile directly through links on other external sites;
  • Generally you should try to involve the online users by participating on discussions, groups, forums, etc... Usually a few visits from users interested for real in your art generates major involvement than those from lazy or disinterested users.

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I've already have a profile on Facebook, should I sign up on PitturiAmo, too?

Of course!While on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and on all the rest of social networks your posts may be seen only by your friends and their circles, on PitturiAmo you can show to all the people passing through the site.

Consider that PitturiAmo is visible, on the first page, on Google and all the rest of search engines with thousands of key words relevant to the online sale of paintings.

Being present on PitturiAmo means being visible anytime someone searches for paintings to buy.

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What should I do once I've sold a painting?

We don't suggest you to delete it from PitturiAmo but to mark it as "Sold on PitturiAmo" from the menu on the editing tab of the painting, on your Control Panel.

Leaving it online it'll offer you bigger chances to be contacted, to show your art to other people, to letknow that other users have already bought from you and to take advantage of further possibilities of visibility through the presence of your painting in the "Sold paintings" section that we constantly publicise.

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I've tried uploading a video and I can't see it. How come?

The uploading a video procedure is quite simlpe and it's here . Usually it's necessary to first upload your video on YouTube and then enter on your page the embed code.

Careful, the embed code not the url of the video.

Read the instructions on the link above. It's really easy.

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I don't have any videos to add. Would it be possible that PitturiAmo makes it for me?

Sure. If you're not in posses of a video to highlight your work and justify your artworks' prices, you may ask PitturiAmo for it. The costs are really low and you get the opportunity to publicise it on Home Page for a week. Read here all the offer's details.

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Are there other methods to get visibility on PitturiAmo?

Yes, you can capture visibility also by purchasing advertising spaces on the Home Page and/or on all the inner pages of the web portal. You may use the Newsletter, too which is sent once a two weeks to the subscribes. For any further information Consult this page.

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I'm not an artist myself but I have paintings of quotated artists I'd like to sell. Could I add them on PitturiAmo?

No. The portal is dedicated to artists who'd like to promote themselves. This is not a kind of advertising articles' newspaper. if you're not an artist you can't sign up on PitturiAmo. We trust in your indulgence.

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Is it possible to have a personal website?

Yes. The free space offered on PitturiAmo might be considered a real small personal website. However, whenever you'd like to have your dedicated space, through your personalised domain (of the www.tuonome.it kind) you can ask PitturiAmo to create a website that accomplishesyour requests. Read on here for further information.

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