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an ancient fight Marlon and Willard Me during covid portrait with a bottle the master The historic victory Jesus born Me and my girlfriend in 20's rebirth from the swamp The man who won in Salamina on the day of the Epiphany Animals good men worst Deep water horizon disaster A scream from the Pinta During the sleep Asteroids rain The british's famous song From La La Land Erotic dream girl The battle in the sand Soviet army manteain the world Skyline During Walking To Franz Marc Senility During a sabba My sweet half During our walk Violet sky green meadow A peasant work where they nest Japanese sheep After Battiato's death In memory of the great dancer Us in the flowers Earth fire water air Think during Our house Bugs on the lighter To the great soubrette The true of the night A woman with her son The legends gold medals The disaster in jacuzia Filial love The grest relay race 331 BC In the nature homage to Tintoretto Under palaces near the town She looks inside After a venetian tour Virus mystical discharge During birth's evening a moment before it takes place after a beautiful journey Inside Lascaux After a tour Inside circus Serendipity placid and peaceful The first day of Sanremo's festival Out from water A unique moment apparent abstract Espressionism He looks you 12 february 2022 Sunset on the sea 14 february 2022 Springtime Sunny day The kings From front Winter Sun A famous vampire During the ucraine drama Reborn after crise Quickly During war At the end walking The red and blu Sky In Marnia The blood The day of Silvana funeral On the ukraine's Sky sooner or later it will happen When i was child and see Nuvolari In front of home My camelias North from Kiev A particular historic moment No fly zone the great steel mill The ukraine doctor died in Mariupol Blood rain During war time Always for the war Always russians Black operation Putin folle The big Russia. Boat Caos The mom's feast Goddess of the war Destroy create A tipe of violence Actually metaphor of the moment Red bloody Hot Winter A strange idea In the deep space All inside In front of Vallombrosa Inside the Abbey 2022 06 02 During an hot journey springtime Roussilion Fury and run A Summer day Out of s. Marie of the sea what's left of it Now Circus when thirst advances Spider work In the 800 century comes out of the water and moves forward strange creatures dancing at the bottom of the sea Marco Pantani Victim in Civitanova August 2022 the comet and the primates after the flood Sub-Saharan Africa Trough the water Desert Trough Window In the death's day The legend of italian ginmastic Oli bridge Omage to Franz Marc Pharmacy symbol Omage to Peter Jackson's film the little bird on the branch Near cemetery Volley woman Red and juicy Next future ? Coworker's dog The mistery Appear from the cavern Tribute to Picasso Little beggars The beauty of a typical japanese garden Red lips over the town Dedicated to a friend's shop Sun and shadow Tribute to Vincent Woman in front of sun's storm Before world cup Young Madonna Vincent's love flowers Without plan Alone in the sunshine Seem fire , reality sunset sinful tongue against violence on women View from train station The rock near San Marino In the mountains flowerbed and mind a little me a little not Fantastic see them free Under the surface A little metaphisic Probably to the alcova God's warrior Inside a gallery Dead or alive Gothic and romantic The nature retake her space On the city In honor to Pelé best wishes for 2023 Inside and outsider Free inspiration Thinking Klimt The happy child red yellow blu Near my home The beauty The famous eruption child exploitation metaphor of life Vase on the table water ground Sky Fight humans against animals Music mood robotics will be good or bad The saint who won the beast Sunrise Winter light and solitude maybe at night Between steppe and desert near Easter Horse , symbol of Tuscany portrait of an old woman Omage to Matisse Walking near Figline From the Apocalipse of John inner thoughts the three crosses dynamics of a charge Serie Pienza Second of Pienza serie Before the groups In Pienza A little but pretty lake Earth's day A new painting on primates A couple in the night the cat who often looks inside our window False or truth? fly over the moor Near San Quirico who helps us eat in the puddle Bottle and roses the awkward singing bird Cards and cigarettes adored by the subjects the long history of slavery The fantasy strong Now in Ukraine Emotion then designazioni Russian bear Now near Bakhmut From glass to glass through surrealism Black serie nr 1 A bad moment Black serie nr 3 Power of nature a woman ascends to heaven God power Sun cook from a thought of a certain strength Very hot bombarded for hours by British cruisers Chip and pagoda

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