Girl with a hat

by Kate Makaro

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This painting is for you if you love everything of the past centuries, romantic things and the luxury life style. If your home is decorated with antique paintings this luxury one will suit perfectly, because it was inspired by that style.

Or if you're an art collector and you're looking for a painting in an unusual technique. My technique is  unusual.

I'm specialized in old-looking oil paintings recreated with modern and much more resistant materials than the oil. And that is the acrylic paint. My technique is named Vintage Fusion: where the past meets the future and it's been awarded in every painting contest I ever took part in.

I chose the acrylic because unlike oil it doesn't get cracks or dull colors, doesn't fall off like pastels. But with me it gives you the same romantic look and beautifully fading colors. So, no more cracked oil paintings!

The acrylic is also more ecologic, it doesn't need chimical solvents. Even after decades it looks like brand new. Covered in protecting acrylic gloss, waterproof and flexible. Don't scratch .

But this technique takes a lot of time and care, because I paint every tiny detail, so I can take no more than 40 orders a year, or even less. That's why my art works are also exclusive, not everyone can have them.

I'm a painter with +20 years of expirience and +500 paintings sold in many countires. If you wish to know me better, I invite you to see my bio on this site or on my website or on my Instagram @kate.makaro_arte where you find all of my awards and feedback and much more information about me and my art.

I offer free worldwide shipping and ship with UPS in a very safe package.

This painting has no frame, not painted on sides. The certificate of authenticity with my logo and care instruction are enclosed.

I also paint custom oil-looking luxury portraits or still lives with flowers from photo. Send me a message and book yours before I close the commissions for this year. I have a wait list of 1-2 months.

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