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This painting expresses the artist's desire that our planet, now wasted, exploited and raped by human selfishness (withered cocoon), can once again become flourishing and luxuriant as it once was (butterfly) - Mixed technique - Year 2017

Cl. 17/002/AS

It partecipated in the YICCA 2017 International Art Contest, the International Arts Award Palermo - Capital of Culture 2018, the European Excellence Award for the Arts and was selected for the exhibition at the BIBART Biennal of Contemporary Art in Bari (BA) and the Metropolitan Area from 15/12/2018 to 31/01/2019 and is located in the Church of Santa Teresa dei Maschi - Bari (BA)

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Daniela D'autilia

80 21,700 63.1 / 100

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