I dream of fire

by David Higginson

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When I finally surrender to the embrace of sleep, seeking refuge from the tumultuous thoughts of the day, I am swiftly transported into the realm of dreams. Yet, instead of finding solace in the soft oblivion of rest, a peculiar sensation grips the back of my head as if I am laying it upon a pillow of flames. 

As the boundaries between wakefulness and dreaming blur, a vivid and unsettling vision unfolds before me. I find myself immersed in a world engulfed by fire, the intense heat licking at my skin and searing my very essence. Within this inferno, I witness a haunting transformation taking place - my form grows insubstantial, as if I am slowly being consumed by the flames themselves. 

In this surreal and disconcerting dreamscape, the line between reality and imagination fades to obscurity, leaving me to grapple with the overwhelming symbolism and emotions evoked by this haunting reverie.,

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