Innocent Prisoner

by Vallyka

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There are many innocent people who are unjustly imprisoned; and that's why I decided to create this work of art, exactly with the intent to raise awareness of these kinds of prisoners, while at the same time provide comfort to these unfortunate people. The iron bars are black because they represent the injustice suffered daily, the blue sky symbolizes the hope that, one day, in the future the Holy Spirity/God comes to open the door, to restore this person's freedom. The hand clinging to the iron bar is bleeding and demonstrates the state of mind of the innocent person; this person's heart bleeds, this person has struggled greatly but nobody believes in their innocence, they feel alone, lost, tired. The hand reaching out toward the dove symbolizes a knowledge of being innocent and invokes the Lord God's help. It is the part of that person still hoping to experience a life-changing event. The gray skin color symbolizes the fact that anyone could experience this terrible tragedy; the skin color vanishes because the state of innocence doesn't have a specific skin color, innocence belongs to the righteous. 

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