Italian judge (2016)

by Enrico Maria Guidi

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I could define my art eclettic, in the sense that I have always had a preference for an almost total experimentalism since the beginning of my pictorial (to the beginnings of the year '80 of last century) activity, open to all the iconic expressions, from the figurative one, to the poverismo, to the abstractiion, to the conceptual one to the street art, to the photo etc., often mixing together them with the search of a contamination that was able, or at least it tried, to create an innovative language, also convinced that an expressive investigation must not be canalize in an only language, but to seek and to try to find that more proper for what is thought, projected and felt to realize. In the last times the attention is also assembled on the street art with the mediation of the digital photo, with the characteristic to have wanted to bring a piece of city in the house, in fact the paintings are directly realized on a throw of cement spread out on the cloth, at times of juta that, when volutamente partially left discovery, creates the effect of scraped wall.


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