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Kiss, acrylic on canvas, cm60cm80,Ferrara, 2019

The painting of Tognin Alessandro represents one of the most universal and mysterious gestures of human behavior.

He depicts the kiss between two passionate lovers like magic.

The man bends down to give a kiss to his beloved, but it is not his lips that kisses, but his soul.

The kiss is immortal.

Travel from century to century, from age to age.

Men and women collect these kisses and offer them to others as a sign of gift, love and also respect for the beauty and soul of each others.

When the man makes the gesture of kissing it is not only the mouth of the girl who kisses, but also his questions and his desires, he kisses her expressing, her doubts and her courage and her love for him.

The author Tognin Alessandro paints the joy of that meeting, theirs rapture, the mystery and magic of that act of love, making them levitate in the picture, pushes them to smile for no apparent reason.

They are just about to touch their lips, their eyes almost half-closed.

It seems that the man wants to tell his woman to keep herself strong, because they will also visit dark places, but he believes that he knows the way with his own inner light

In fact, she only takes care not to leave his arm and his guide.

And if he were to kiss her in the dark, it will be nothing serious because only she is his love.

For a fraction of a second, one wonders if she would have broken the spell between them.

And when their lips meet, we are sure that these two boys could have lived a hundred years and visited all the countries of the world.

But nothing would have equaled the intensity of that instant. In fact, their love would last forever. The picture was painted with excellent quality acrylic colors and made on fine-grain cotton canvas.

It is provided with a certificate of authenticity  of  the Author Alessandro Tognin that guarantees the authorship of the artwork.

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