La Grandeza Del Hombre #1

by Jorge

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This painting shows us the magnanimity of a human being and make people understand or being councious of how many opportunities human being have.

Moreover, this paiting is inspirated by Pablo Neruda (chilean poet) of one of his poems:

    ...Fuiste también el pedacito roto
    del hombre inconcluso, de águila vacía
    que por las calles de hoy, que por las huellas,
    que por las hojas del otoño muerto
    va machacando el alma hasta la tumba...

Besides, this work tries to make people understand that we should stop getting obsess trying to get the meaning of life, because questioning ourselves can make us wasting our time; in order to enjoy life which is full of opportunities that we should not lose it. Basically, enjoy your life and don't waste your time in nonsense.


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