Life below water

by Ilaria Patteri

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Oceans represent two thirds of the earth’s surface. They are the primary regulator of global climate. They provide us with water, oxygen as well as food. Over 3 billion people worldwide depend on seafood as a protein source. Moreover they host enormous reservoirs of biodiversity.
If you feel involved or not, oceans play a key role in our everyday life. Therefore it is crucial to understand their importance and to galvanise people into action.
Marine pollution, massive overfishing and human activity are threatening our oceans and seas. Only with a sustainable and respectful approach we will be able to preserve these resources and their biodiversity. Each one of us is responsible and can start to do something today.
We can reduce the use of plastic, we can stop littering, we can clean up beaches, we can support sustainable local fishery, we can use technology better, i.e. at infrastructure level.
The canvas was created during the Qatar International Art Festival live painting session and is an abstract representation of life below water in a sustainable, respectful environment.
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