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With this work the artist represents a theme that is very dear to him, the sea, but he links it to a very delicate subject, that is the people who lose their lives at sea: the migrants. From his youthful period in which he lived in Naples at the foot of Vesuvius, seeing the sea on one side and the silent mountain on the other, he derives his strong bond with the sea, which he represents in many of his expressive forms. But in this work, his great emotionality, his strong feeling of respect, his great desire to grow and always learn something new from others, wherever their geographical and cultural origin may be. Her attention to the theme of migrants linked to the sea also stems from her more than twenty years of work experience as a teacher in a school for adults, which every year welcomes hundreds of foreigners from all over the world, with their more or less difficult stories, their smiles and their looks. And it is precisely from these silent eyes that tell of strong, intense life experiences, deep fears and joie de vivre that remains until the last hope of a thread of life that the emotions enclosed in this painting are born. The force of the strokes disruptive, instinctive, immediate, the nervous and decisive sign of the brushstrokes represent a sea and a sky in the upper part of the painting that seems to be calm, relaxed, without ripples. These strokes and these colors in the range of blues and oranges want to tell us that this sea is not to blame; it is not its fury that generates death, that generates the destruction of thousands of lives. Destruction and death are generated by human despair, by the need to flee from the fears of war, hunger, fears that we may not even know about but that strike us deep down at the mere words spoken by a voice in front of us. We recognize in these lines that change direction, that become more vertical almost to indicate us how they sink to the abysses these red lines, of blood, of desire to live that cannot continue to do so. In this sea many people have lost the hope of being able to continue their lives, they have struggled to the last breath without having any kind of respite. But in the tragedy and in the immensity of the sea that lighthouse appears; hinted at in its dark but blurred features. Yes, that lighthouse is the hope of the light, of the reference, of the guide that you can find in any moment of your life, in the moments of small discouragement as in the moments of desperate search for an escape, a solution, a reason to keep on living. Still looking at the work as a whole it represents a continuous movement, a wind that somehow caresses and accompanies even in dark moments. The strength of the wind, of its vital breath that must help us never to lose hope; because if you look well at the horizon, you will always find your lighthouse.


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