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The gaze of the man obsessed with the female body, disinterested in the woman as a human being. Faceless female bodies in the background.

 The woman is always considered as only flesh that makes sense to exist only as it is capable of satisfying the lowest instincts.

 The disturbing face of the man, fixed and made by the pieces of the body that from time to time attract his attention.

 The color mitigates the sense of restlessness and characterizes this painting of mine like the others

 OSSESSION participated in the International Biennial of Art of the Castelli Romani in Nemi, Biarten 4, and was awarded with the honorable mention for the significant relevance and important social message well represented through art and was exhibited in the art gallery in via Margutta 90 in Rome from 2 to 7 July 2021

Ossessione is currently exhibited in the 1758 Venice art studio in Venice

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